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my story

In June 1979, Bruce Callahan was a burned out, washed up, hippie surfer. A long way from home, he had chased after everything he thought would make him happy, and was running from the consequences of the lifestyle he had chosen, leaving a failed marriage and a son in the rearview mirror.


After years of beautiful places and beautiful faces, he finally knew that there was no education or career, no sex, drugs, or rock 'n' roll that could ever satisfy the wondering wanderer. On a beach in Geraldton, someone came and told him about Jesus and he knew he’d found what he had been searching for in all the wrong places. 


When the first pioneer church was planted out of Perth into Geraldton, Bruce and his wife Dale stumbled in the door and became part of that early revival. After serving in that church for a little over two years; they went and pioneered a new work in Port Hedland. Following that, their young family moved to Lismore to pioneer another church, then back to pastor the church in Geraldton.


After pastoring in Australia for 14 years, he followed the call of God to Tucson, Arizona, where Bruce served as an evangelist for six years, then pioneered a church in California. Bruce and Dale returned home to Australia last year and now reside in Perth. 


“We have seen lives changed, marriages restored, bodies healed, disciples raised up and destinies discovered as the wonderful message of the gospel of Jesus Christ is proclaimed and embraced."


“I have had the privilege of preaching the Gospel in more than 30 nations of the world and I am a witness to the miracle that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever!"

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